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Default The mystical, magical, incredible KARMA of the Terrible Towel!!!

Hi all... I don't know if this is true, and I don't think that covers things like this, but this was sent to me by another member of the "steeler faithful" who is not part of this forum... Check it out...KARMA STINKS!!!

If this has been posted before, I apologize... didn't see it during a search...

Mike in La Crosse, WI

Subject: FW: The Terrible Towel and why the Steelers need to win the
Super Bowl this year

Members of the Steeler Nation know all too well the story of the Terrible Towel. It was a brainchild of beloved and dearly departed Myron Cope during the Noll Dynasty. The magic of th e towel lasted beyond the retirement of Chuck Noll, maintained its staying power throughout the entire Cowher age, and is still going strong in the early years of the Tomlin era.

The towels are manufactured in Wisconsin by Chippewa River Industries. Proceeds from the sale of the towels benefit Chippewa, which employs the mentally disabled, and helps to pay for their care. Myron Cope also collected royalties and donated all of them to the Allegheny Valley School, a special needs place where his autistic son is a resident. Before he died, Cope bequeathed the Towel rights to the school, ensuring proper care for his son and for many others.

What you may not know is that greed has found i ts way in to this benevolent endeavor. The NFL is quietly working on a promotion to produce larger towels for every other team in the league besides the Steelers. They plan to unveil this gimmick after the conference championships this week and push it through the super bowl. The plan is to market these towels and capture the enthusiasm of the super bowl contestants. To get things moving, free towels were handed out at every stadium during the divisional playoffs this week. You may have seen the Tennessee fans waving those powder blue things. Of course, they would not have brought their own.

Did anyone notice the complete backfire? All the home teams lost EXCEPT the Steelers!

This is why the Steelers need to win the Superbowl. The sanctity of the Terrible Towel must be preserved!

Also of note:

After the 2005 season members of the Cincinnati Bengals, AFC North division champs, stomped all over the Terrible Towel before their playoff game with the wild card Steelers. The Bengals still have not recovered from their loss that day. The Steelers went on to win their Fifth Super Bowl.

On Dec. 21, 2008 members of the Titans stomped on the towel. Three weeks later, the Titans took an early dismissal from the playoffs. Early on in that game with the Ravens, many fans were waving their freebie blue towels marked TITANS! Later, as the rain began to fall, and it got colder, they put the towels on their necks to stay warm. Appropriately, as the game went on, their necks began to TIGHTEN! And their team choked.

If the Steelers win the Superbowl this year, they will have to win two games against teams named after birds. Then the opposing fans can use their new towels to clean up all the bird S&%#. Also, a Steeler Super Bowl victory will make the sacrilegious theft of the spirit of the Terrible Towel the worst marketing idea since the NFL network!

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