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Default Re: What do you think of this Ben jersey?

Originally Posted by drizze99 View Post
I have that same jersey from eBay and got it right before Ben's rookie year. I got it for a steal.... 35.00 shipped.

It was advertised as authentic and the whole 9 yards but I knew for that price that it was impossible. I have a real authentic Bettis jersey and paid 300.00 for it at a sports store.

For 35.00, I didn't care if it was real or not.... After getting I knew it wasn't real even though it had all of the Reebok tags on it. One thing I liked about it is that everything was stitched on it. The weight of the jersey was a little less than my Bettis jersey but WELL worth the 35.00.

I have since bought 3 other jerseys on ebay ranging from 55.00 - 65.00 and they are all the same quality of the Ben jersey. IMO, they are 10x better than those cheap screen printed Reebok jerseys you find for 80.00 - 90.00 in sports stores.

They are probably made in some sweat shop in China but they look real with everything stitched on and thats all I care about.

Hope this helps....

yeah, I paid $35. And the sleeves are legit. The one thing I wondered about was how heavy the material was. But for $35, you really can't go wrong. The nameplate has always been a pet peeve with me on this jersey. The truly authentic ones don't have the right nameplate IMO. This one looks right to me. Thanks for the post.....

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