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Default Re: Flacco... Not so cool off the field

Originally Posted by FlaccoMason85 View Post
Flacco's a good guy... and he's about to be the first rookie QB to lead his team to the super bowl! (well okay, maybe the supporting class leads, but hes sure as hell making all the right plays..)
Nah, he'll be the third rookie QB to start and lose the Conference Championship Game.

But as for him sharing a 2 bedroom apartment w/ his brother and not owning a car (I guess until a car dealership game him one)...that's actually rather cool IMHO.

It means he didn't just spend that whole signing bonus in a weeks time like so many other players do.

Wonder how all these players end up bankrupt later on in life? They feel the need to buy 5 huge houses, 70+ expensive cars, two houses for thier mom, millions on jewlery for themselves, millions on thier "homies", and they buy bottles of champaign (SP???) in the millions of dollars in one night not to drink...but to spray onto others.

That's the recipe for being broke & bankrupt by the time you're 30.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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