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Default The Playoffs Are Different - Written by Lawrence Timmons

(From the Lawrence Timmons' blog)

The Playoffs Are Different
Written by Lawrence Timmons | January 13, 2009

Playing in the playoffs in front of our home crowd was crazy, man. It was a great experience.

You can see how the playoffs are different, especially with a veteran team like we have. Everyone takes the game so serious, everyone plays so perfectly. People are way more emotional, and the older guys on this team have always shown the way. Thatís why I love this team so much. No matter who a guy is, if he was drafted in the first round, second round, whatever, the older guys take it like its their job to make us better.

They say that in the playoffs, the team that makes more mistakes is the team that goes home. So theyíve been hard on us young guys. During the bye week they had me, Wood, a lot of the younger guys taking all the reps so we condition ourselves not to make mistakes. Thatís helped a lot. When they put that much work in us, you can tell they really care about us, you know?

The harder you are on a guy sometimes, the better off that guy will be. They like to show us some tough love and thatís helped us a lot.

Everybodyís pumped up for the playoffs, but I know that in a game like this youíve got to know your job. Donít try doing someone elseís job and youíll be fine.

I think Iíve done pretty well so far but I missed so many sacks in the San Diego game. I definitely havenít peaked yet as a player, I need to work on second moves on the rush and I definitely want to make more big plays. Against San Diego I had the opportunity to strip the quarterback one time but I just missed. That would have been a big play and would have saved a field goal. I also could have blocked a kick, I came so close.

Guess I just need to finish stronger.

I am very lucky to be playing on the No. 1 defense in the NFL in my second year in the league. These guys make it fun, James, Pottsie, Troy, Foote, weíve got about 20 guys on our defense who make an impression.

Against Baltimore weíve got to really study, because weíve already played them twice and we know everything about each other. We have to see what theyíve been doing since our last game against them. Itís going to be a tough game, but if we stick to our game plan, do what we do, weíll be fine.

The Ravens are a ďground and poundĒ team, we need to stop their running game and make them throw the ball.

What Iím looking forward to is running out of the tunnel, seeing how crazy our fans get. Our fans are crazy during the regular season, Iíve never seen anything like them in the playoffs.

I think it will be a close game. Itís going to be decided in the fourth quarter, maybe even in the last minutes.

My son will be in the stands, watching. Heís only 8 months old but heís about 25 pounds. He just took 8 or 9 steps the other day. Heíll be up there watching, and itíll be a good feeling knowing heís up there and weíre playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Lawrence Timmons is a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His blog for runs at
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