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Default Re: May the bitter team win

Seems to me Baltimore is doin all the woofin'. Something tells me even if we win THIS next game, there'll still be some woofin comin from that locker room.

Im starting to sense a deep seated jealousy from that side of the cage.

But with comments from Scott talkin about takin somebody's legs out (thats full intent to end a career and not make a play) one must remember, theres 52 other men on this squad the may wanna exact revenge so he'll be even more of a marked man. Guy doesnt realize what a goon he sounds like. No smarts just all yap. If I were the Ravens coach id tell these guys to STFU and just play the game. Talk is somethin politicians do.

I expect even in defeat to hear those clowns clappin at the mouth tomorrow night. Cuz thats what they do.
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