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Default Re: Drama Queen? No, Big Ben is Royally Tough

Originally Posted by alittlejazzbird View Post
I get SO sick and tired of the perception that Ben is an unlikable person, a drama queen, arrogant, etc. I've met and talked with Ben, and found him to be a shy, friendly, down-to-earth person who is genuinely interested in what other people have to say. In every press conference, he's the first to shoulder blame for losses and deflect credit for wins onto his teammates. Coach Cowher didn't like him talking about injuries, and Cowher's often contradictory comments about those injuries went a long way toward furthering the "drama queen" perception. And because Ben occasionally calls out the media (usually deservedly) on something they've reported, suddenly he's arrogant and not likable? Well, here's a news flash: most NFL players are profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfiltery and arrogant to some degree; how can you get that far and not have some level of arrogance? I can't help but think that if Ben looked like Tom Brady, people would be admiring his brashness and toughness, but because he's kind of a regular Joe, not glamorous or headline-seeking, instead they pick on him for having the nerve to think he's something special. Which we all know he is. GRRRRRRR - makes me SO mad.


Hey Dino......I totally resent this article. Bradshaw was never stupid. He just allowed people to believe he was.

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