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Default Re: My prediction for the AFC Championship game

Originally Posted by Steelcitygal87 View Post
You really think we are going to put up 31 points against the #2 defense in football? Even though 2 of their best players are not playing(Rolle is out/Suggs..not sure), it is not as though the rest of their players are scrubs! Those turnovers in the Titans game didn't just 'happen', they were caused by great pressure from the D and hard, intense hitting. They are a very talented football team or they would not be in the position they are now.......AFC Championship game.

And remember(to borrow a quote from Knute Rockne).."football is a game played with arms, legs and shoulders, but mostly from the NECK UP." Whichever team has their head in the game more...plays smarter football...will win. When you play that way, there is less of a chance you are going to commit penalties, esp. 15 yard ones, and hurt yourselves. I remember Woodley got a sack against Rivers in last weeks game that I thought for sure was going to be flagged for roughing the was not....but it could have been..Woodley swung him to the ground, and Lord knows I have seen less than that get called. That is one of the areas I am referring to, you want your team to play with intensity but at the same time they need to play SMART. It does no good if you sack the qb and then get 15 yards called against you. And don't even get me started on Colon.....I wish that guy could go one game and not get flagged! ( PLEASE Willie...for the love of all that is cream-filled......let this be THAT game!)

I see this being a close game..17-14 Pittsburgh.

I agree, this is a well spoken post. This will be very close hard hitting game. Kind of one of those lock up your women and children games. Not for the faint of heart. I think the score will be 20-13 Steelers. I just don't see the Rats scoring 2 TD's on us. Great post Steelcitygal

"Football is a physical game, or at least it used to be" -Mel Blount
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