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Default Re: May the bitter team win

Originally Posted by Stover4Prez View Post
Once again, we will agree to disagree. I don't recall anyone calling to end another players career. And if that was said, then I don't think it is right either. I have no problem with legit hits. I just don't think you should be HOPING someone gets seriously hurt because of it.

And don't talk to me about class. I have not put a single post on this site that has been classless. I can't say the same for the Steelers fans on here. Honestly over the week I have been rather disappointed at the malicousness of many fans on here and the desire to degrade and injure. But as you said, the fans reflect the team and the team reflects the fans.

Good game to all today!

It amazes me that fans want to come on here and try to teach Steelers fans about class. I do not agree with all the posts about injuries, but it seems that you are overlooking your own team's malicious and pre-determined actions and trying to put everything on Steelers fans. Please, that train left a long time ago.

First, you started the discussion on being "classy". Now your posts have been good intellectual football conversation (for the most part). But just like the few you've run in to here, I'm 100% certain that baltimore has it's own share of arseholes that have said the same thing.

So before you come in to my house trying to fix the problem, fix the one in your house!!!

Here's to a good game

60 Minutes, 53 Men, 6 Trophies,1 NATION. . .STEELERS NATION!!!
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