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Default Re: GAME DAY: Pregame to AFCCG

Originally Posted by Crow-Magnon View Post
Seriously, it was nothing but a joke, as a rebuttal to your post (which I thought was funny). I certainly didn't mean YOUR wife in reality. Please, don't take offense. None was intended.
I don't see posts that degrade people as a joke. I try my best not to attack people, not saying I haven't, just try not to, and definitely stay away from involving their family members.

And just for clarification, I do not see calling someone a troll as an attack. I see an attack as when someone starts to pull out unnecessary name calling, abusive tactics, and unnecessary comments as the one you posted here today (and yes I'm even referring to some of the Steelers fans that post here).

I'm just shaking my head that you would take the low road like that. I thought you were one of the few ravens fans that were above that. I pray that wherever else and whatever other boards you roam, that no one will include your family in such a way.

Here's to a good game, and one where good ribbing and smack talk can be had without having aforementioned comments thrown out - their classless and useless for ALL FANS!

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