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Default Re: Drama Queen? No, Big Ben is Royally Tough

Originally Posted by alittlejazzbird View Post
can't help but think that if Ben looked like Tom Brady, people would be admiring his brashness and toughness, but because he's kind of a regular Joe, not glamorous or headline-seeking, instead they pick on him for having the nerve to think he's something special. Which we all know he is. GRRRRRRR - makes me SO mad.
If Ben looked like Tom Brady - I'd throw up in my mouth a little bit... scratch that... and make it A LOT! Ben might not be what most women would find *QUARTERBACK SWOON WORTHY* but I myself think he's the bees knees, but most of that "crush" comes from the way he plays... not his looks (he is a looker though, trust me).

I like that he's guarded, and semi-quiet. I get the same reception from people that don' t know me - because I don't walk in a room all LOOK AT ME!!!! TALK TO ME... LOVE ME... like some other people do I am perceived as stuck up, and that I think I'm better than others... I read in an interview he gets that all the time.. .because he likes to scan a room... and get to know people BEFORE opening up. I think more players would benefit from this behavior.

It's great to be friendly, open and good to your fans which Ben does, but I also think it's important to keep some stuff for yourself and to yourself - he's only human! I honestly think the last thing on earth Ben wants, is Drama. He seems like the type of guy that wants to be able to walk down the street when he's home and be treated like a regular Joe.

I don't see him behaving like other "high profile - look at me I'm T.O. *insert any other drama seeking look at me stars name*"

Ben is A-OK with me and yes... he's hot too (Tom Brady is a DOG!)
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