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Default Re: Worst draft??? Best draft???

It is the Blast Furnace so, time to call teams out...
First, let me say I'm happy with our draft, but to say we had the best...we were 15-1 with out any of these rookies so can't say we had the best.
Second, I look for whose overall draft can make the team overall a contender. SF may have had a great draft, but will need a few consecutive drafts to get Best. They needed so much help, they could have just drafted linemen and it could get a B-. Anyways...
I'd like to say BAL but since you still put all that talent on the shoulders of Kyle B., I'll pass and take OAK. Since most success comes from teams that were not in the playoffs the year before, I 'd say Oak has done more than any other team to make themselves a top team again. Get rid of head cases, get Moss and speed, and Defense. Pretty nice.
Jets. Plain and simple. You trade away a chance to get a player for Jolley? You wait the whole offseaason to get pumped about taking a kicker? I'm sorry if all you thought you were missing to win the big games was a kicker, you are in for a long season.
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