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Default Re: Will we ever see success in the other Pittsburgh Teams?

I'm glad your positive about this ball team, personally I would not be shocked to see another below .500 season. It's says alot about our team when fans become content with barely making it over .500 every year. We still don't have a big bat on this team, unless you consider Bay up to that level (which I don't). This team still has questionable area's of concern. Could we get over .500 after what? 15 years, this season? Maybe, but that's not saying much for an organization who turned away many fans with their lies and broken promises.

McClatchy goes out, picks up Casey (a name) to get people in the seats so he can make his last few bucks with the All-Star game and then hopefully the fans and media will pressure this bum to get out of this city. Until he is gone, my positivity, emotion and money for the future of this ball team is non-existant.

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