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Default Re: Will we ever see success in the other Pittsburgh Teams?

When I lived in the 'Burgh, the Pirates were always a contending team. We had players like Drabek, Bonilla, Bonds & Van Slyke... oh and I can't forget Spanky!! I am still bitter about losing to the Braves in the championship by a run scored by none other than Sid F-ing Bream.

McClatchy is a total F-ING tool. The Pirates are the professional minor league team for the rest of the league. We make them good and then trade them away for more prospects that we turn into good ball players and the cycle begins again...

As for the Pens, I love them!! I hate the fact that I can't watch them. I could get the NHL package on DirectTV, but the wifey says only one, so the NFL Sunday Ticket it is. Mario does not owe the city anything (IMO). He saved the franchise once already. What pisses me off the most is the 'bandwagon' fans. Yea, I know it's tough to watch your team lose but a true fan would suck it up and go. I know I would still be going to games. I was in my glory in the early 90's when the Pens won the up in back to back seasons. I even skipped school to go to the point and celebrate... good times. I would be distrought if the Pens move. I truely hope the State steps up to the plate and helps with a new area. We need a state-of-the-art facility. Period.

"You win by attrition. You impose your will on your opponent." ~ Mike Tomlin

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