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Default Re: Greetings... Cardinal Fans(?)

Originally Posted by beSteelmyheart View Post
It just seems kind of tough for me to talk smack to the Cardinals fans, it's kind of like picking on someone who has no weapons to fight back with, kind of like a gun to a pen-knife or something & they already to have that sweet little logo, I know they recently tried to make it look a little mean but really, how do you make a Cardinal look mean or even business-like for that matter but hey, they are pretty birds, one of my favorites, actually, do they get Cardinals in Arizona? I've seen hummingbirds there but never really noticed Cardinals...Kind of like the fans...Until now, that is....Maybe they need to make another effort to mean up that logo, I mean, really, who can come over here & talk smack running a logo like that..
I don't think they have real cardinals there, but the have butt loads of magpies.



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