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Default Hola... IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!

From the desert I make my entrance to your forum.

Do not take the Cards lightly.. You can see the wake the Cards have left from other teams doing the same.

As a Cardinal fan since day 1 since they moved here and that notorious MNF game against Dallas it's been quite a journey - very few high points... But, here we are in the Superbowl. BOOO-YAAAAA!!

My initial thoughts on the game...

Defense - A slight edge to the Steelers as they've been more consistent through out the year, however the Cards have stepped up when it counts and for the most part played solid during the season.
However, if the Steelers constantly blitz it'll eventually tire them out, so they need to time their blitz's.

DO NOT take anything from the regular season. At some point - I think the Rolle INT for TD against ATL - the light clicked and this D is playing as good as anyone.

For the first time in the PO's Fitz will be covered by a defender who is close to his size and might be able to contain him, but not stop him. With this, I look for Boldin and Breaston to have big games.

Steelers WR's will be the best the Cards have played so far, but the secondary is on another level so it's a toss up. Rod Hood will get picked on as he has through out the year - probably the "weakest" in the secondary.

Running game
Parker is a beast, but so was ATL's and CLT's, so if the Cards stay disciplined and plug the gaps they should be ok.
Steelers D should be able to contain James/Hightower, but Edge is playing for a new contract.. Always motivation.

Warner is the best at picking up bitz's, but Roth is better at scrambling. This will come to line control and it's a toss up.

Easy... Whiz getting dissed by the Steelers and disrespected Cards. Huge nod for the Cards here. The doubters will continue and the Cards will continue to disprove them.

The End
I'd give the nod to the Cards offense over the Steelers defense. Not being a homer, but the offense is rollin' right now. The defense can compete w/ anyone as it's shown.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cards jump out early like they have in all the games, but I'm just not convinced the Steelers can mount a big come back. If the Cards get up by 3 TD's it'll be very tough for the Steelers. Vise versa, the Cards have the ability to score with one play at any time.

I'll be at the game and hopefully the Cards can put an end to monogamy and monopoly that has plagued the NFL for a while.


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