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Default Re: Hola... IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO!! The Cards up by 3 TD's? WTF are you smokin there homer?

You are dissin our D like its avg D that plays in the NFC... We're #1 in 3 out of the 4 categories son and the one we aren't in first, we are 2nd!

I love how all you Cards fans have steel ballz all of the sudden. Get a trip to the SB and the bandwagon goes crazy. This will be our 7th trip and we are 5-1 in the SB. Don't act like we don't need to even show up because of your "prolific" offense. Warner can and will be held in check.

What was your reg season record? And you play in the NFC West! LOL, welcome to the East Coast were football is a little bit different...

"You win by attrition. You impose your will on your opponent." ~ Mike Tomlin
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