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Default Re: Heinz Field reaction during Polamalu Interception return


I was in 101 Row L which is the last row in the bottom section. Troy Scores, so I jump over my seat, high five all of row M. Run up the steps on one side, high five the entire section, run to the top of the section, high five the last row, pick up some lady in a fur coat, put her down, run down the other side of the steps and high five everyone. Then I begin running around the walk way, high-fiving everyone in the front of the rows, by the time I know it, I am down to the opposite 30 yard line (section 101 is open end endzone) So I continue high fiving everyone on the way back, get back to my seat. By this time, Clark lays out Willis, we recover the fumble. I go nuts again. I then regained my breathe and relaxed for a second while willis is tended to. Then, as ben takes the final knee, I sing the HERE WE GO song with 65000 people, and then run from my section, all the way to 123 were one of my good friends was sitting in the opposite endzone, and the only way to get to the other endzone is by going up about 6 ramps. I made the entire trip while holding up my "Steel-City Six-Pack sign and high fiving everyone that walked past me. IT was intense, it was awesome, I will never forget it. The best part was waving good bye as Raven fans walked out. HAHAHA I LOVE IT!
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