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Default What do real Steeler fans eat?

Hi all,
Congrats to the Steelers for an awesome season and a well deserved trip to the SB.

I'm a Packers fan, so I don't have much to cheer for these days, but I'm posting to see if you could help me out. We always host a SB party that features food from the two cities represented in the SB.

I'm wondering if Steelers fans could help me out with suggestions about the kind of food you'll all be eating at your favourite spot in Pittsburgh.

The last time Pittsburgh was in the SB I think we threw down beer boiled brats with kraut on a bun with brown mustard.

If you have suggestions, recipes or even links to stuff I could make so that the Steelers get the respect they deserve at our party, that would be awesome.

Best of luck to your team. No question about the fact that your D is KILLING people- I hope Clark is ready to go after that insane hit. I was in pain after that one...

Looking forward to your suggestions, thanks!
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