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Default Re: What do real Steeler fans eat?


There are two ways of making perogis.

Since you are probably a newbie to the joys of perogi's go out and buy Mrs. T's. Now, No true Ukrainian, Polish, Eastern European heritage person would DARE want Mrs. T's instead of homemade. However, since your new at it, it will be ok.

Now you have two ways of cooking them. One is to boil them until they are soft, then throw them in a frying pan with onions and bacon. make sure they don't get too brown this way. Let the bacon grease coat the pan so that they don't stick and burn. Eat them with sour cream.

Here is a fancy pic

Then there is the Tail-Gate, immediate heart attack way (as if the former wasn't bad enough!). Take a stick of butter and melt it (yes, A STICK OF BUTTER). Put the perogis in and let the butter permeate. When they get real soft, you may have to empty some of the butter out, so that the perogies will begin to brown. In this case, you want them firm, browned, but not burnt. For extra taste, pour a little garlic on it. Either way, make sure you have the sour cream to dip them in.

Here is a pic of the perogies fried.... check out the darkest and the lightest.. you really want to stay right in between, shading just to the darker.

I have found it is best when you have that with either Italian (hot or sweet) or Polish sausage.

However, if you ask around this board, there will be a LOT of recipes for Perogis.
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