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Default Re: Hola... IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!

This isn't Cowher football.

Mike Tomlin has shown that he can make huge post-halftime adjustments. Take a look at our 3rd quarter statistics. Our point margin is huge. Like, astronomically huge. While Arians is a bit of a dullard, Lebeau's adjustments absolutely shuts down offenses that were on a hot streak. And for whatever ineptness Arians has at one-dimensional playcalling, Ben has that "it" factor that makes things happen during crunch time.

And as Tomlin has shown playing the Chargers, give him two weeks of prep-time and a well-rested team, and he'll work magic. The Divisional game against the Chargers was nothing like the nail-biter during the regular season.

In recent history, our secondary was odd. We would statistically be good against the pass, but we always had a tendency to give up huge passing plays to prolific offenses (Brady and the Patriots, Indy and the Colts, etc.) With Tomlin on board and his secondary coaching experience, he seems to have greatly shored up this deficiency with pretty much the same players. They're leaps and bounds better than they were several years ago.

Not going to lie. Warner and Fitz worries me quite a bit. They're explosive and hot at just the right time. Fitz has ascended into a whole new level, and while Ike has been quietly shutting down #1 receivers of good offenses, I don't know yet if he will be quite enough. I don't doubt that a big play will happen here and there in two weeks.

I don't really care too much about Whiz's past. The insider information works both ways, even if it's more sided in Whizenhunt's favor.
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