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Default Whats up with the talk of the whiz bringing the cardinals their toughness?

Im not sure if you guys all watch ESPN or not (i know a lot of ppl here dont like it).

But i've been watching it all day, and they have been having stories on how ken whisenhunt brought the steelers toughness over to the cardinals. Exactly what "toughness" are they talking about? Last i checked they are the same team they were years ago, only now with a high powered offense. this doesnt make you tough.

I dont know about you guys, but when i think of the cardinals, i still do not think they are tough. you want tough? come play football in the afc north....

Enough of this BS talk about the cardinals being tough, i guess ESPN is just trying to stir up stories for the superbowl....

Sry, i had to vent that, it is just pissing me off that this is where the media is heading bc they are nowhere near as tough as we are.....and probably never will be
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