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Default Re: Superbowl Tickets

Originally Posted by TheSteelCurtain View Post
^^^^ Im with you on that. I wanna go to the game. Im willing to spend 3500. Just cant find anyone else thats down to spend that kinda cash.

So im considering driving to Tampa even without superbowl tickets or Station Square.

You should atleast make it to Pittsburgh for the game. I know thats kinda dumb to fly to the US to watch a game on TV but thats the 2nd best place.

Im pretty sure i heard your crazy ass on the radio before the bengals game while i was tailgating.
Naaa that was this guy, he's been going to every stadium watching a game in each, came to Heinz field twice and saw the steelers 5 times on his trip. I was tailgating before the game not on the radio!

Yeah I was tempted to fly out to the Burgh for the game but think it would be cheaper to fly down to Tampa for it.......still may save the bucks and come out for another couple of games next year!
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