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Default Re: HA-larious Warner's Wife

Originally Posted by IAWarnerFan View Post
Thanks for all the Kind words about Kurt and Brenda. I just hope your Steeler defense doesn't chew him up and spit him out.

I'm not fond of any of your Steelers, but your team is extremely talented on both sides of the ball that's for sure. I just hope the Cardinals can keep the game game close with a possible chance for the win at the end.
I don't know much about the cardinals players and coaches (other than the ones that came over from the Steelers) but I can say this. From everything I've read about Kurt Warner he is a man amongst boys in his demeanor. You don't hear the stories about him like you do the primadonnas in this league. I believe him to be sincere, honest, and above all a man of his word and faith in Christ.

I really wish him no harm next Sunday, but it truly is a shame that he is playing against the Steelers - for that I have no sympathy for him nor the desire for him to play well. It's really nothing personal, just sports

But here's to a good game with no serious injuries (just your typical bumps and bruises).

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