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Default Re: HA-larious Warner's Wife

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
I don't know much about the cardinals players and coaches (other than the ones that came over from the Steelers) but I can say this. From everything I've read about Kurt Warner he is a man amongst boys in his demeanor. You don't hear the stories about him like you do the primadonnas in this league. I believe him to be sincere, honest, and above all a man of his word and faith in Christ.

I really wish him no harm next Sunday, but it truly is a shame that he is playing against the Steelers - for that I have no sympathy for him nor the desire for him to play well. It's really nothing personal, just sports

But here's to a good game with no serious injuries (just your typical bumps and bruises).
I found it strange that he felt he had to appologize for thanking God, but I guess religion rubs people the wrong way (tho it shouldn't)

I obviously agree with everything you said and hope that he does a good job against the Steelers defense. I have no desire for your Steelers to do well.

I hope that it is an injury free game with no dirty play. The fines handed down after the NFC Championship game were way too light IMO and I hope the players in this game don't feel that they can get away with it now!
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