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Originally Posted by smokin3000gt View Post
I think you're going to be waiting awhile preach. Might as well treat yourself and get a ps3 or xbox my friend. I like the ps3 because its a blu ray player, and even upconverts regular DVDs among many other features.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I got frustrated with it too and put it up for a while after two games. It's hard to keep the ball onthe ground the whole game because defense gets smart.
Every new madden that comes out the AI gets smarter and smarter. You have to play the game like a real football game. Start with a few successful run plays racking 4-5 yards , if you get it to first and 5 play an I formation or single back(a more run designed formation), and run play action, best way to get open over the middle.

You just have to be smart and pacient even if that means earning every yard in a passing situation. Play with alot of easy hook and slant routes, but if you see a DB DONT THROW IT! Audibles and changing the route of the receiver help as well.
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