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There's no way someones going to be able to upload 4.7 gb dvd to the net.. I don't know of anywhere that will host a file that big.. Problem is most of us don't have the greatest upload speed.. I only have a 500k upload speed so 50kbs is all i can squeeze out.. There's like 15 people downloading both dvds so speeds should be getting a little better.. Even if i mailed it it would take 3-5 days to get.. If you start downloading now you could get it in 3-4 days roughly.. maybe sooner if people keep sharing.. Sorry but this is all i can do and I'm trying my best to help out.. it took me almost 5 hours alone recompressing 2 dvds from mpg with menu,music and everything so we could have a nice rip of such a great game.. Hope my efforts are well liked as slow as it may be..

p.s. If your getting very slow speeds and your on a router you need to forward some ports.. By default Bitcomet uses port 8080 or 8081..You need to login to your router to open the port or your speeds will be horrible.. It all depends on what kind of router you have for the address.. If it's a Linksys you go to and enter admin for the password and nothing for username. You then go to the advanced tab then Port forwarding or Forward or something like that and enter in those ports and check udp and tcp and enter your INTERNAL ip address for the computer that wants the ports forwarded.. You can find out what yours is by clicking Start.. Control Panel.. Network Connections.. then double click your Wireless connection tab or your Local area connection tab and click the Support tab and it will tell you something like or .. In the router you put the 101 or the 100 part in at the end.. There's many tutorials on how to do this .. You can click Help in bitcomet and then Bitcomet help and it will explain in full detail what you need to do.. hope this helps you..

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