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Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
Every new madden that comes out the AI gets smarter and smarter. You have to play the game like a real football game. Start with a few successful run plays racking 4-5 yards , if you get it to first and 5 play an I formation or single back(a more run designed formation), and run play action, best way to get open over the middle.

You just have to be smart and pacient even if that means earning every yard in a passing situation. Play with alot of easy hook and slant routes, but if you see a DB DONT THROW IT! Audibles and changing the route of the receiver help as well.
I disagree with this. I say the AI gets "cheaper". Getting picked off my a defensive lineman making a one handed grab twice in one game is BS. The "spiral through the air" catch is horrible. Worst yet is the "db jumps up to make a play on the ball, misses, then rotates in mid-air to make a tackle"...

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