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Default Re: Steelers Press Conference.

He doesn't care how he does it, he wants to win.

Its about promises and trying to win another one.

The first time he was really nervous for a game was in XL

Doesn't expect to be as nervous as last. He knows how to deal with everything better.

Coach Wiz was great for Ben, a great mentor and helped him become who is is today. He is proud to play against him.

Wiz was great because he didn't change who he was and taught him the offense. Didn't want to change the style of how Ben's played.

His dad has his superbowl ring.

Coaches can only coach as much. ITs all about the players playing.

The affect of Wiz knowing Ben isn't seen as an advantage.

Hines has bailed the team out of many situations.

To win a super bowl in general is a big deal. To give Rooney six trophies will be special.

Ben is over, Hines will be up next.

Hope I am doing a good job.
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