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Lightbulb A thought on the Pens and Buco's

Now I admit, I do not follow hockey as an avid fan by any purely a football guy through and through, pro and college. I do however cheer for the pens and pirates to do well and I follow them at a moderate level. I dont profess to know everything about hockey but I do know a fair amount, more than the average joe... but anywho...

Given the city of Pittsburgh's ecomonic situation.. the fact that Pens and Pirates dont attract as much support as the Steelers do..and yes I know there are alot more games in baseball and hockey than in football so that figures into the equation too..

But the Steelers own Pittsburgh..the fans come out every week, and sell out heinz field for every game, preseason, regular, and post season. They/ We buy all the jerseys', hats, shirts, and basically all the Steelers merchandise they can come up with. The Steeler players have endorsements for everything from beef jerkey to barbeque sauce and virtually anything else. Even if the Pens and Buco's right the ship in the coming seasons and start to be competitve again, can the city really fully support 3 professional sports teams the way they used too. The Steelers will always own Pittsburgh in a way that fans show every day now so I just hope that in the future before its too late, that the pens and pirates can reap some more of that same support again.

Just a thought I had while listening to game night on espn radio this evening..

Your thoughts ?

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