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Default Re: The pathetic jealousy of the SeaScum fans knows no bounds.

"For Steelers fans, this would be a great acquisition to show your beloved owner giving the business to an uppity Seahawks fan who was complaining about the Super Bowl XL officiating. For Seahawks fans, this would likewise be a great acquisition conclusively demonstrating the insecurity of the Steelers over their supposed 'win.' "

Insecurity about what? The Steelers still see FIVE Super Bowl trophies in that case to your zero. You're the bunch who decided to make this an issue AGAIN. Not the Steelers. Funny that this 'item' would suddenly arise when Pittsburgh returned to the Super Bowl.

"Wow! I guess I really got his attention and got under his skin! Mr. Rooney goes on to supplement the letter with a two-page 20-point explanation of why the Steelers 'really' did outplay the Seahawks for the Lombardi Trophy."

What's stopping you from posting it, then? Come on! Let's see that Two-page explanation!

The Seashits and the whole region of Seattle can go to hell.
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