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Default Is Wal-mart Racist?

this is a funny story...nothing serious. =)

so, my girlfriend, who is a cashier at Wal-mart proceeded to tell me this story of what happened to her the other day at work. and it goes a little something like this...

an elderly man entered her aisle and was ready to ring up his items and he said my my girlfriend Valerie, note: he didn't even say "hi" or "how are you today?" he hopped right into a conversation with her by saying, "Wal-mart is racist!"

Valerie says (rolling her eyes), "oh yeah!? how so sir?"

he says, "i look around an all i see is Steelers stuff. Wal-mart is SO racist."

she comes back with, "well, sir, you ARE in Western Pennsylvania and you are bound to run into a few places that sell Steelers stuff this time of year." as she takes his money for his items.

he says, "well...i'm a Cowboys fan." (that's he needed a pat on the back or something just for announcing it.)

Valerie replies, "OH! so you are one of THOSE people."

"excuse me?" says the man.

Valerie quips, "you're one of THOSE people who rooted for a horrible team all year long and now you have no one to root for so you are jealous and bitter! i'm sorry sir, but it really sucks to be you right now!" and with a smile she hands him back his change, "have a nice day. Go Steelers!"

the guy just walks away grumbling to himself.

true story.


man, i sure love that girl. she really stuck it to that pompous ass about taking pride in his team and trying it rub it in my girlfriends face. her managers at work pick on her about liking the Steelers. i can't wait to meet them and say, "hey! where are YOUR teams at in the playoffs this year!?" but i don't want to run my mouth too much...atleast not until after the Super Bowl. =)

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