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Default Re: A thought on the Pens and Buco's

By no means do I claim to be an expert (far from it), but coming from a Penguin and Steeler season ticket holder, these are just my opinions.......Well, the Steelers ARE Pittsburgh. They always will be. Football will always come first in this city for a few reasons.

1) The Steelers are a spitting image of the people of this city, hard working and blue collar. Hockey will always be second or third in this city. Being a Canadian born sport is reason enough for some people to not bother picking up on it. Also, it's a hard sport to sell. Not many kids play hockey. It's damn expensive for starters.

2) The experience at Heinz is not even in the same ball park (excuse the pun) as PNC Park. While I agree PNC Park is the most beautiful ball park in MLB, the atmosphere as a whole is not that impressive. As for Mellon Arena, what is there to say? It's a dump. Plain and simple. Trying to walk around in that arena is a horrible experience. The experience overall is horrible. From the lack of places to eat, to the lack of beer choices, to the lack of places to sit down and eat (besides your seats) to the run down look it has night in and night out.

3) Football, is an all day event and it's only once a week. You wake up, you leave your house at 7:00 or 8:00, head down to Heinz, tailgate all morning, at 12:45 you head into Heinz and then after the game maybe you get some dinner.

4) Management. What is there to say exactly? As Pirate fans we have been screwed over for the last fifteen years basically. Between not being able to manage money and players it has been a complete nightmare for the fans of the Pirates. To tell you the truth, I was actually shocked to see as many fans at Pirate games. Faithful to say the least. As for the Penguins. Management in the past and present screwed this team over. This season is a perfect example of why Craig Patrick needs to go and Lemieux needs to retire.

5) Public Relations. For both the Penguins (with the exception of this season) and Pirates. is horrible in my opinion compared to the Steelers.

Do I feel we can support three major league teams? Yes. Bottomline though, you have to win. You can't go FIFTEEN years finishing under .500 and expect your ball park to sell out every night. Personally, I'm by no means asking for a World Series or even a playoff run, but playing solid baseball might make that $6.00 beer not hurt so much. You can't buy a ton of hockey players, bomb and expect fans to show up in an arena that is as old as the Roman ruins. I don't care how cheap you make the tickets, people want to see a team put forth the effort that they are getting paid to put forth. I remember at one point in time in this city when the Pirates were more popular than the Steelers and I remember seeing the Civic Arena (at the time) was packed with standing room only. The people in this city love their sports and are excellent fans, but you have to give them something to cheer for. Once again, I'm not talking about championship rings, I'm talking about solid teams. A show of effort and heart. I have not seen either from the Penguins or Pirates, from management to the players in the last five years at least.

Sorry if this was a little long.

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