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Default Re: Obama chooses to skip Salute to heroes Ball

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
pipe down there stretch. nobodys asking you to eat doo-doo.

i guess i glossed right over that. i cant imagine why he would skip out on such a ball of importance.

maybe he does hate the military.

maybe they were serving roasted pork which is against his muslim faith.

maybe secret service thought there might be a threat.

who knows. i woulda gone.
Poking fun at this will not make it go away. The president has shown in a very sort time a lack of respect for the men a women that protect this country. He has said that he wants to bring this country together, he is off to a piss poor start.

Maybe I have it wrong, maybe he is just the president of the people that elected him and the rest of us can just wait 4 years to get our own.

Simply, The Chief.
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