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Default Re: A thought on the Pens and Buco's

I think that the city wants to support all three teams... But people can only take loosing for so long. Remember last year when the Bucs were 30-30? It was the hottest ticket in town! People want to go to the games but they want to see at least a competitive product out there... ESPN rated PNC park as the nicest ball park in the country they commented that "Ray Kinsella was wrong. Baseball heaven isn't in Iowa. It's in Pittsburgh, along the banks of the Allegheny River." Here is the link...
Look at ticket sales after the announcement of the All Star Game... They skyrocketed to get a shot at tickets! This shows people here want to see baseball. They just dont want to watch a 90 loss team every year... The same hold true for the Pens, look at ticket sales after we won the Crosby lottery, went threw the roof! I think the city wants to support both teams, its just alot harder to do with losers...
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