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Default Re: How much credence do you give "fate"????

Originally Posted by Hines4ever View Post
Just curious.....In 2005, I really felt in my heart it was fate that the Steelers won their
5th ring..... 6th seed.....Jerome's journey home...etc.
Guess what I am trying to say is that the "feel good"/"fate" type of stories seem to be on the cardinals side.....kinda bumming me out a little....ok, a lot.....
I can see where that would concern you...there are a few similarities. But consider this:

The Cards aren't a wild card team like the '05 Steelers were...they won their division.
The Seahawks were riding a high as well...they were the "it" team, like the Cardinals seem to be right now, mostly because of their high-flying offense, which-let's face it-the media just eats up (see: Brady/Moss, Romo/Me-O,)

But it comes down to desire and preparation, and we won't know until Sunday who wanted it more and who was better prepared.
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