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Default Re: How much credence do you give "fate"????

Originally Posted by Hines4ever View Post
Great points and it definately helped.....Much to my dismay, I do tend to get caught up in the media BS..... especially now....but it's like a car wreck.....I don't wanna watch....but can't stop.....
I'm with 'ya Hines... I've had the radio on at work listening to 1250, and it's the same garbage over and over (exept for Stan & Guy and the Drive), but I can't seen to shut it off.

I remember the same hype around the Seahawks for Superbowl XL. The reasonable part of me tells me that we should have feared the Hawks more than the Cards.. they were a better team than Arizona is today. But with all this hype it's hard to remain unswayed.

You mention fate... look at our quarterback. Ben is a winner. Ben is the reason we are here. Ben will NOT have the dismal performance he had in XL. He did just enough in that game to not lose it, but this time.. he will win it for us. He will be the MVP. How's that for fate?

I just can't see the Steelers losing this one. Just can't see it.
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