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Default Re: Am I asking too much?

Originally Posted by chenzzo View Post
Hereís what I want to see this Sunday, perhaps Iím asking too much.

I want scoring.

Offensive scoring, and defensive scoring.

I want to score through the air, I want to score on the ground.
I want each receiver on our team to make a TD pass.
I want FWP and Memo to both get into the endzone.
I want Santo to bust off a huge punt return.
I want Berger to punt the ball to the 1 yard line where it sticks in the ground like a lightning bolt from God.
I want Ben to throw a laser guided missile to Limas Sweed that embeds itself in his sternum so he doesnít even have to catch it.
I want Ben to shed defenders like a lion shakes off hyenas, while he roars defiance and throws a 65 yard touchdown.
I want Hines Ward to block someone into oblivion.

I want Troy to run back an interception.
I want a fumble recovered in the endzone for a touchdown.
I want Kurt Warner sacked...a lot...and repeatedly.
I want him sacked for a loss, I want Woodley to reverse suplex him for a safety, and I want him sacked for looking at Harrison funny.
I want him to get addled and start throwing to the guys in the Black and Gold uniforms.
I want Larry Fitzgerald to be so paranoid that he misses balls.
I want him to get hit so hard he fumbles his teeth and we recover them and score for 5 points, in a brand new type of scoring invented solely for this game.
I want Boldin looking over his shoulder for Ryan Clark. I want him to have night sweats in the middle of the game from fear.

In short, I want a blowout. I want to beat the spread like it was a rented mule.

Am I asking too much?
You are asking a bit too much and I've highlighted those things that are in that category.

1) Each WR catching a TD is too much, besides it means that others - like Heath Miller aren't going to get their.

2) Berger punting the ball to the 1 - come on, be happy with the 4 yard line

3) Warner won't be sacked for looking at Harrison funny, he won't even look at Harrison

4) I do think that Fitz is the one player that will become paranoid, but then again I thought that of the Welker until Clark jacked him up - so I could be wrong here.

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