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Default Re: Most Irritating/Obnoxious/Funny Raven Fan Encounter

Case #1:A couple of years back, some friends and I went to the Ravens-Steelers game at M&T Bank Stadium. Before we even parked the car, we were getting flipped off and yelled at. At halftime, I went out on the mezzanine for a cigarette (an old habit I have thankfully since quit), and asked a Ravens fan and his girl for a light. His reponse: "Nah, f**k you, and f**k the Steelers." Bad move.

A few Steelers fans behind me overheard and offered me a light. Since I am about 6ft3in 240lbs. of pure aggression and have no off switch, I blew up on the guy. Something to the tune of "Yeah, f**k these piece-of-sh*t, chromosome-lacking Ravens fans. Real men wear purple my d**k!" The guy and his girl meekly scampered away.

Case#2: This year, a friend and I were invited into the Baltimore Sun's suite for the game. Midway through the 3rd quarter, still trailing, we scored and two preppy (or what qualifies in Harm City as preppy) Ravens chicks started screaming, swearing, and cussing at the BALTIMORE SUN'S BOX. It just goes to show you, if this is the class of people they host in their suites in B'more, you can imagine how classy the folks in the nosebleeds must be.
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