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Default Re: The pathetic jealousy of the SeaScum fans knows no bounds.

3 calls in that game were the ire of Seahawk fans and their Walrus coach.

First, push off on Jackson on Hope:

This call can be debated somewhat IF its a push off that isn't right smack in front of the ref.

Second call, Ben's TD run. Many clips show that the ball crossed just an inch, however, if they had not called it a TD, that ball would have been on the 1 cm line. Now, after Indy and having the Bus in the back field and Cowher already on tape saying he is going for it before the refs made the finally call, I would like to think that the bus gets 1 cm for a TD anyways OR ben sneaks in at 6'5.

3rd, Hold on Locklear:

This one was the one that had me puzzled that people argued. the guy held Haggens by the neck when Clark had him by a step, this was the most legit call I saw all game. And no one told Matthew to through an INT two plays later.

So (bleep) these people.
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