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Default Re: The pathetic jealousy of the SeaScum fans knows no bounds.

Originally Posted by Phade View Post
thanks for the heads up.. dunno if i can actually retract my bid.. but i'm highly doubting rooney would waste his time writing this one fan out of the 10's of thousands of seacawk fans who wrote letters to the nfl..

not to mention the way that the letter is written you can tell its from a younger generation.. the way he's comically acting condescending reeks of a 20-30 year old..

not gonna let him take advantage of people especially with the current economy.. people are pathetic..

go steelers
Without even seeing the "letter," I am 100% convinced it's a fraud. However, I think it would serve one of the whiny assclowns right if they got ripped off by one of their own. Keep driving up the bidding!
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