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Default Re: Is Wal-mart Racist?

Originally Posted by CB1977 View Post
I think my response to that man would have been, "I'm sorry for that."

She had a little more bolder approach than most people. My question is this, and I'm not trying to say what she said was wrong but, did she get reprimanded for talking to a paying customer like that? I worked in retail for over 15 years and, if any of the clerks were to talk to any customer like that, they would have been written up. Of course, the place I'm talking about was a little higher up than a WalMart but still, in most cases, they always teach you to treat the customers with respect, no matter what they say to you (unless they try to harm you physically).

Just saying....

I'm sorry, SCK, but if I was the manager, I would have fired your g/f on the spot. She is there to provide a service to the customer and accordingly, is expected to have a little thicker skin when dealing with customers, no matter how douchebag-ish they are.

When I'm doing an estate sale and am at the register, if I encounter a rude customer, I do what I can to neutralize the situation and when they are on their way out the door, I flip 'em the bird under the table while still smiling.

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