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Default Re: Hola... IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
BTW I just love how opposing fans roll in here and talk to Steelers fans like the fans are playing in the SB or something. They fail to realize that the players themselves are in no way overlooking the Cards....they are preparing for them and they will be ready. As fans we have the luxury of feeling confident though, so I really don't think they have any place to come in here and tell us how we should or shouldn't feel about our confidence level. IMO the Cardinals don't really bring anything to the field that the Steelers haven't faced (and beaten) already this year.
Great post SteelCityMom! It's highly unfortunate that it is also probably more intelligent than anything we'll hear in the pre-game analysis from the national sites like bspn, fox, cbs, and nbc.
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