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Default Re: Tomlin has faced K. Warner before

San Fransisco just looked good cause they played you. Dont be fooled.

2 teams from our division played for the AFC championship.
If either of these teams were in yours you would be saying Same Old Cadinals.

Records of Steelers Opponets. 153-103
#1 Toughest Schedule Rank 12-4 record
Records Of Cardinals Opponets 119-137
#22 Toughest Schedule Rank 9-7

AFC North Record 31-32-1
NFC West Record 22-32

If the Cardinals played in any 3/4 AFC division they would not be in the playoffs. That little thing on the screen on ESPN where they show the Wild Card picture. Your name wouldnt be on there either.

Your right thats only 6 games. you only won 3 others ones after that.

Here is a good stat for ya Net Points.


Gee george it just aint adding up.
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