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Default Why we'll win

The obvious matchup is the Arizona Passing offense against the Steeler Passing Defense.

Their passing game is clicking now. But they have been shut down by far less talented defensive units this year. They haven't faced a D even close to ours because there isn't one. If you look at the passing stats the Steelers have allowed an avg. of 157yds/gm.

The next closest is Baltimore with 180 yds/gm.
There are 9 teams between 180-200 yds/gm.
So teams ranked #2-9 are within 20 yards of each other top to bottom. Yet we are 23 yards/gm better than #2 Baltomore. That is a clear and decisive advantage.

The Arizona pass attack is good, but it has been proven that it can be stopped. No one has proven they could pass effectively on our Defense.

When you flip the field around I also feel that our Offense, although it has struggled at times will be able to move the ball against a mediocre Arizona Defense. If this team would happen to win this game, this could be the worst Defense to ever win a SB.

Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
Steelers 31
Cards 17
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