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Default Morning Weather Heartbreak… first...

So just wanted to share….
I wake up this morning to an ice/snow storm in South Central Pa (couple miles from the MD line)…no delays at work for me, so off I go….I make my way up Interstate 83 trying not slide and hit other commuters (which include Raven fans) as well as the numerous tractor trailers sharing the nasty commute……I look up with pride and excitement through my sun roof to see my half frozen Terrible Towel car flag waving in the cold frozen wind, I begin to think about those lucky Steeler fans in Tampa; basking in the warmth of the Florida sun….thinking I would just about give up anything to be there too….….a couple miles up the highway, I start to hear periodic rips…..then another and another….. The commute seems to take forever….each time I look up there is a little more of the flag pulling away…..
Despite my panic, I realize I can’t just pull over in this type of weather and save my beloved flag for fear I’d kill myself or someone else…..Then another thought pops into my head….. my God, if it rips totally off, it could hit someone’s windshield and cause an accident….Oh, think of the headlines!!!!!….”STEELER FLAG CAUSES CRASH ON I83”…..My anxiety begins to decrease as I make my way off my exit, come to a stop light and sadly pull what is left of my beloved flag into the car…..the worries of causing an accident begin to subside and then…. I have a very evil thought…..
what if…what if the flag did tear off completely and just so happened to splat right on the windshield of a Raven’s fan (of course not hoping for any serious injuries)….let me tell you, the irony would be worth the law suit!!!!!

(forecast calls for a nasty commute home as well…..but I will be going to buy another flag!!)
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