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Default Re: gotta love FOX news- "obama not the president?"

Originally Posted by TheSteelCurtain View Post
Im registered Democrat and I tend to lean a little left on most issues and i agree with that statement. After a few mishaps the democrats never gave him a chance and he never could have reversed that image. He became a scapegoat for a lot of problems that dont totally stem from him. That doesnt make him my favorite person though.
Thanks Steel. I appreciate your candor and can respect that. Just like I can handle tony's playing around and Atlanta Dan who hasn't been on here in a while. Both Dan & Tony, though I don't always agree with them, make some valid points. I am conservative so naturally there are a lot of philosophical differences that I have with Obama, and even McCain and Bush on some things. What I don't like is when someone comes across as though their hatred is blind and irrational. Give me some good reasons why you feel the way you do about bush or Obama or McCain, or an issue, and let's talk about, right? The reason a lot of these issues are so hotly debated is often because there are often compelling arguments for BOTH sides. At least that's how I feel.
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