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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
A) The Cards had a game to adjust to the Eagles. We would have done the same.
B) The Cards were DESTROYED by the Eagles the first time they played.
C) We weren't. We were just outplayed.
D) This will be a Steelers blowout.
E) There won't be any officiating excuses by the Cards fans because the calls will go against us so they can keep the game artificially close.
A)Maybe you're right or maybe they were a bad matchup for you.
B)Everyone was at this point in time. The Cardinals defeated them when it counted most.
C)Who's to say how the 2nd game would have played out?
D)I highly doubt it. Steeler might win, but the Carduinals will get their points. Depends on the Cardinals defense really.
E)Already blaming the refs when you are 7 point favorites??? TOTAL CLASS!
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