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Default Re: Pittsburgh Style Steak question.

I found this:


This regional favourite began in the steel mills when the practice of the workers was to cook a steak on a cooling piece of steel. Marinate your steaks in tomato juice, stout beer, Heinz 57 steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and black pepper.

Char it on the outside, keep it rare on the inside.

And this:

I work in a steakhouse.I have tried to find the true recipe for awhile.Don't use butane or ather gases directly on the steak.That will make the meat taste like the gas.I use a iron skillet.Heat the skillet as hot as you can get it;white hot if you will.Dip your steak in butter and place on the skillet.This will burn the outside and ,keep the inside rare ,or raw.The story behind a "pittsburgh steak" is that old steel workers in pittsburgh would cook their steaks on the side of the huge vats of molten iron.Hence, burning the outside and,keeping the inside raw.
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