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Default Re: Anybody ever coach Youth Sports?

let me just say,thats very nice of you to do must really love your girlfriend,to subject yourself to this......cause i can tell you first hand,as i was in the same boat as you,i coached my girlfriends daughter softball team when she was 13......its a adventure..............did you play softball or baseball,cause that might help,if they listen to you....but it was my experenece that girls,like cindy lauper said"just want to have fun".......and thats what you have to do,dont be too serious,they will let you know what they expect from you.... and you just coach the way they want,if they want to win,then coach them that way....,but if they are just out to have fun,the wrost thing you can do is coach them by being too serious cause they are just going to fight you with it...that first day,i told the girls just that,if you want to win ,i'll be that coach....but if you girls just want to have fun,well i can also be that coach....its a tough age to coach,you can ask any parent of a teenage girl, its tough enough for them to get them to clean thier room or something if they dont want you can just imagine how tough it is to coach them if they dont want to be...... its going to be tough if they are just looking to have fun if youre a competive person like i play to win....well i'm here if you need any advice during the season,i wish you the best of luck
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I'm entering a new phase here, uncharted waters. I have agreed to coach my girlfriends two daughters (one 11 the other 12, both on the same team) in softball this year, and basically have no idea what I'm getting myself into here. Any tips or advice, practical experience would be greatly appreciated!

I figured this much out: DON'T run the score up to 100-0!
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