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Default Classless Ratbirds fans!!!

This goes to show the absolute classless nature of Baltimore fans. People wine and cry about us but listen to this.

Im out to dinner last night with a girl and we decide to go get some drinks after. We walk into the bar and she gets the drinks ( I paid for dinner). I notice some people sitting at the bar and they are getting pretty drunk. Especially this loud red head, Ill call her Drunkin Balti-profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilter. So, we finish our drinks and I go up to get 2 more. I order my Sam Adams Winter Lager and a Diet and Capt for her. The bar tender brings me my drinks and Balti-profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilter turns around and looks at me. She says in a nice soft voice, " Are you a Steelers fan?" My first thought was O maybe she is from Pittsburgh too. So of course, without hesitation I say yes. Next thing I know she slaps me across the face and says " Effin' Steelers fans!" The one guy she was with literally grabs her by the back of the hair and drags her to the door to yell at her. She is yelling back saying how we are "infesting" her city and stupid crap like that. Finally the guy leaves and Balti-profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilter's friends try to get her to apologize. They come over to my date and I and say they are sorry for their friend and I tell them its ok but its no excuse for her to be an effin b!tch. So they finally leave and we are sitting at the bar and the one comes back and gives what I think is a sincere apology and says Balti-profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfilterprofanityfilter was just really drunk and that was still no excuse.

I was shocked. Seriously! What the hell to do! Im on a date, I get hit by a damned girl and Im surrounded by Ratbird fans. I was in a no win situation. I played it cool, but my face was on fire all damned night and I felt like a pansy because I couldn't hit her back, mainy because she was a girl and I wasn't about to waste a good Sam Adams on her dumb @ss!
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